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Production Market
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Production Market

Market area: China and worldwide, the number of customers: 108, the number of equipment sales: 382 units

electronics industry:TE, HUAWEI, Amphenol, SUMITOMO,OSRAM, SUNNY, O-film, Crystal-optech, TPK,Knowles, Wistron,Foxconn, Career, Johnsonelectric,MEMTECH,etc.

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Semiconductor Industry:Galaxycore, WLCSP, JieJie Microelectronics, etc.

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Automotive Manufacturing:HAMLIN, Miba, Röchling, Sealcoat, BYD, SORL, etc.

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Medical industry:Eyebright, BioHermes, RyanMED, Kinhely, PARYLENE,etc.

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Cosmetics packaging industry:ShyaHsin, AXILONE, HCP, etc.

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Other industry:Whirlpool, ThyssenKrupp, Winterthur, GeneralTransmissions, etc.

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