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Our service
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ADDRESS: 3# Plant, No. 3232, BeiMen Road, High-tech Development Zone, Kunshan

FAX: +86-512-57711103

TEL: +86-512-57711102

WEBSITE: www.plasmapls.com

E-MAIL: sales@plasmause.com

Our service

Pre-sale service

1、Product consulting

Through a variety of communication channels, understanding of customer materials, processes and production , combined with existing case, to give a suggestion.

2、Free samples test

In our applications lab, we can deal with your samples for you or together with you. Then the desired effects are verified and documented.Meanwhile, you will get a practical training in how to use our plasma devices . So you can know how easily they are handled by yourself.Normally it's free.


According to customer requirement, we do a comprehensive technical exchanges, timely provide the product specifications, process characteristics and other information.Actively cooperate with customers to confirm the solution. 

Sale of services

1、Installation and commissioning services

According to customer needs, we can provide on-site installation and commissioning services.

2、On-site training

According to customer requirement, we provide the corresponding installation and maintenance instructions, more we will train the operators and maintenance staff to know the details of product performance and machine maintenance.

3、Parameter optimization

According to customer requirement, we can help customers optimize the process parameters by the professional knowledge and industry experience .

After-sales service


We offer an unlimited service of the maintenance, repair and spare parts.

2、Regular visit

According to the characteristics of different customers, we will regularly call or visit, to understand the operating status of the equipment.

3、Product upgrade

We can help customers transform and upgrade the equipment to meet the requirements for the new production or processes, and create greater value.

Ensuring the reliability of our plasma equipment is our number one priority. To this end, we try to keep all the important spare parts. When you bring our equipment to work, we will support you by phone, email, remote maintenance or within your premises. 24-hour response, 48 hours to provide solutions .To ensure that solve the problem as soon as possible.

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