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What Is Plasma?
Mar 30, 2018

A plasma (plasma) is also called an electric plasma, it is an ionic gas-like substance composed of positive and negative ions formed by ionization of some electrons and atoms, which is larger than that of Debye length, which is dominated by electromagnetic force and shows remarkable collective behavior. It is widely found in the universe and is often considered to be the fourth state in which matter is removed from solids, liquids and gases. The plasma is a good conductive body that can capture, move, and accelerate plasma by using a cleverly designed magnetic field. The development of plasma physics provides new technology and technology for the further development of materials, energy, information, environmental space, space physics and geophysics.

Plasmas are the Quaternary states of matter that are different from solids, liquids, and gases. matter consists of molecules consisting of atoms consisting of a positive nucleus and a negatively charged electron around it. When heated to a high enough temperature or other reason, the outer electrons get rid of the binding of the nucleus to become free electrons, just as the students after class run to the playground to play at will. Electrons leave the nucleus, the process is called ionization. At this time, the matter becomes by a positive nucleus and negatively charged electrons composed of a mass of homogeneous "paste", so people call it the ionic slurry, these plasma positive and negative charge amount is equal, so it is approximate to neutral, so it is called plasma.

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