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We Are Actively Looking For All-weather Partners In Various Countries
May 07, 2018

All-weather partner

We are actively looking for all-weather partners in various countries, including sales, R&D, and manufacturing, to better provide global customers with professional plasma surface treatment solutions and services.

If you want to become a partner of PLAUX, we look forward to contacting you. For more detailed information, you can contact Mr.Guo at any time by phone, chat tool or email: sales@plasmause.com.




Russia,Poland,Hungary,Czech Republic,Belgium,Germany,Spain,Portugal,France,Italy,Sweden, Finland,Denmark,Norway,United Kingdom


Egypt,Nigeria,Kenya,South Africa



North America


South America


Commercial Representative

As a candidate for a business representative, you need to demonstrate experience in the following industries:

electronics industry, semiconductor packaging, automotive manufacturing, medical devices, plastics industry, packaging industry, surface treatment, printing and painting, adhesives, etc.

If you are interested in the application of low-temperature plasma technology and look optimistic about its market development prospects, then we are willing to provide you with a platform for cooperation and guarantee to you with a long-term commitment and appropriate development opportunities, the best technical support and service.

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