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Use Plasma Cleaner Service More Than 5 Years
Jun 01, 2018

May 31 our customer service personnel use Littelfuse for five years of plasma equipment for power upgrades and equipment inspections and maintenance. When we arrived at the site, we checked the operating conditions of the equipment with the staff. We inspected the operating conditions of the various components of the equipment in strict accordance with the order, corrected and debugged various parts of the equipment, and communicated with the staff about the normal operating conditions of the plasma equipment. We are very satisfied with our service and we hope we can continue to provide them with services.

Suzhou Littelfuse Co., Ltd..jpg

                                                                                          Suzhou Littelfuse Co., Ltd   



RF power adapter replacement.jpg

                                                                                          RF power adapter replacement

PR24L plasma cleaning machine program optimization.jpg


                     PR24L plasma cleaning machine program optimization

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