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The First Shot Of Co-Working Of 2019
Jan 16, 2019

The old year has passed by, New Year is around the corner. The sailing of 2019 is full of opportunities and challenges. Another perfect year is about to appear. Let’s go forward hand in hand.

At 8 a.m of this morning, bosses and employees of four companies from online sales and marketing departments focused on Yuanhe, and started the first round of the 2019 co-working. The employees are all high-spirited and full of confidence. Finally,General manager  Mr. Hu issued a mobilization speech full of passion and essence. We have benefited greatly from it.

Plaux co-working-1


After the morning meeting, we all gather together concentrating on our work busily. The friends of all the companies get along very well. It’s a good thing that we can take advantage of each other’s strength, learn from each other, and strive to do a good job !

Plaux co-working-2


Plaux co-working-4


Let’s look forward to the next chance of co-working!




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