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Plasma Surface Treatment Equipment Solves Printing Problem Of Lipstick Tube Ink
May 07, 2018

2018-5-3 The technical director of our company, Chen Xiaoming, carries the atmospheric plasma surface treatment equipment independently developed by the company to provide free plasma surface treatment samples to the customer site.

The customer is a Sino-foreign joint venture and produces lipstick tubes for famous cosmetics. We hope our plasma surface treatment equipment can help them solve ink shrinkage after printing.

Before the customer used corona treatment and alcohol wipe the surface, corona treatment ink adhesion is met, but after the treatment ink printing color changes, so the effect is not ideal. Although the alcohol wipe and ink drying also meet the customer's requirements, the disadvantages of using alcohol are as follows: 1. Alcohol changes the molecular structure on the surface of the material 2. Alcohol is volatile, and the ink may shrink after a while 3. Wipe alcohol efficiency is reduced, Need someone to wipe it, it will hurt the body. The aesthetics of ink thickened prints are also affected.

With the use of plasma processing equipment, there is no need to wipe the alcohol by hand, the ink does not need to be specially dried, and there is no harm to the human body, so the ink shrinkage problem can be solved.

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