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On Te August 1st Army Day, Kunshan PLAUX Pays Tribute To All Military Comrades In The Motherland.
Aug 01, 2018

Today is the August 1st Army Day, Kunshan PLAUX wishes all the military comrades in the motherland a happy holiday! The Chinese nation has gone through thousands of difficulties and has gone through many hardships. Today, there are countries that have a home. With the soldiers guarding the country, the people can live in peace and happiness. The most lovable is the military, the most beautiful is the military song, the most sacred is the military soul, the most powerful is the military ritual, the most strict is the military discipline, the greatest is the army; the passion of the soldiers, in the scorching sand field, with dedication Mission casting loyalty; military heroic, in the wind and rain training field, writing happiness with sweet and sour; the spirit of the military, in the cold wind, in the moonlight, the snow-covered Gobi desert, with loneliness instead of noisy; military Ordinary, using steel guns to guard the borderland of the motherland, writing loyalty with loyalty, devoting youth with no blood, no regrets, showing the manly style with iron skeletons, and creating the aura of life with perseverance. I don’t forget my heart, I don’t forget history, I don’t forget my mission. I hope that all Chinese soldiers are elites. I hope that the motherland’s land will never be invaded. I hope the Chinese nation will become richer and stronger.

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