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Low Pressure Plasma Generator
Mar 30, 2018

A low-pressure gas discharge device is generally composed of three parts: a power supply, a discharge chamber, a vacuum system and a working gas (or reaction gas) supply system for producing plasma. There are usually four categories: static discharge devices (Fig. 5), High voltage corona discharge devices (Fig 5 B), high-frequency (RF) Discharge devices (3 types, fig. 5 c) and microwave discharge devices (Fig. 5 d). The treated solid surface or the substrate surface requiring the polymeric film layer is placed in the discharge environment and treated by plasma.  Because the low-pressure plasma is a cold plasma, when the air pressure is about 133~13.3, the electron temperature is up to 10000, and the gas temperature is only 300 open, which does not burn the substrate and has enough energy for surface treatment. Low-pressure plasma generators are widely used in plasma polymerization, preparation of films, etching, cleaning and other surface treatment processes. Examples of success such as: in the semiconductor fabrication process, the use of fluorine-Lyon plasma dry corrosion, ion plating on the metal surface of the formation of titanium nitride film. Since the 70 's, low pressure plasma has developed rapidly for surface treatment and modification of non-metallic solids such as glass, textiles, plastics, etc.

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