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June 19, 2018 Suzhou Wufang Optoelectronic Plasma Cleaning Equipment Program Upgrade
Jun 27, 2018

No hot sun accompany the breeze, and the air is mixed with a touch of gardenia. Just sent away on weekends today, the young partners are returning to work. Little P wishes everyone a full week of energy and passion.

Today, the customer name of the small P service is: "Suzhou Wufang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.". Suzhou Wufang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established on January 5, 2010. Is a company engaged in research and development, production, sales and technical services of optoelectronic components, new electronic components, nanotechnology materials, R&D, sales and technical services.

According to feedback from the company's technical engineers: Due to human error, the equipment system could not operate normally, and Xiaopu technicians were requested to assist in the inspection. After the small P received the information, two customer service engineers immediately rushed to Suzhou Wufang. After an hour or so, we arrived smoothly and we got in touch with the five-party technicians and entered the production workshop with the fastest speed. Xiaopu customer service staff first according to the description of field technicians, view the hardware wiring and solenoid valve, confirm the parameter settings. After viewing and confirming the production observation, it was found that there was an abnormal fault described by the customer, and the customs judgment and troubleshooting quickly identified the problem. After analysis, the program can be optimized and modified quickly and accurately. After re-commissioning, the equipment can operate normally and can be immediately put into production. Maintenance is completed. Xiao Pu told the five-party technical engineers before leaving the cause of the problem, and suggested some tips for daily maintenance. The five-party engineers gave a great praise to Xiaopu's service.

The task was successfully completed, small P embarked on the way home ~ ~ ~

Suzhou Wufang Optoelectronic Workshop Exterior.jpg

Suzhou Wufang Optoelectronic Workshop Exterior

Suzhou Wufang Optoelectronics Office Exterior.jpg

Suzhou Wufang Optoelectronics Office Exterior

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