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Development Trend Of Low Temperature Plasma At Atmospheric Pressure
Mar 30, 2018

After nearly 20 years ' development, the low-temperature plasma and its application in China has become a research field of interdisciplinary integration of plasma physical chemistry, biomedical engineering, material project, Environmental science and engineering. From all aspects of the meeting, we can see that more and more domestic researchers in other fields are joining the research team of low-temperature plasma, which enriches the interdisciplinary characteristics of low-temperature plasma and will greatly promote its rapid development. Although the national "high voltage and discharge plasma" Conference only contains the domestic low-temperature plasma field of some research work, but can glimpse, infer the future trend of development.

In the research of basic theory, although plasma physics itself has a relatively complete theoretical system, it can be seen from the report of this meeting that there is still a wide unknown field of low-temperature plasma to be further studied. For example: The Space-Time evolution Law of low-temperature plasma, nonlinear dynamic process and its analysis, various parameters of the plasma characteristics of the regulation mechanism. On the other hand, some key basic problems driven by application are worth more attention in the future, such as the generation mechanism of large area uniform and stable discharge, and the accurate and efficient numerical simulation method.

In the practical application of low-temperature plasma, it can be seen that many of the current work is mainly experimental exploration, theoretical research is relatively lagging behind. On the one hand, the combination of low-temperature plasma and other fields has produced a new cross research field, the relevant applied basic research is undoubtedly the necessary support for the further development of these cross-cutting areas, and will certainly attract more attention, such as the role of plasma on living cells, The mechanism of aerosol production and the deactivation mechanism of catalyst in the plasma synergistic catalysis. On the other hand, in order to apply the research results in the laboratory to the actual industry, it is necessary to face some technical problems such as safety testing, process design and device development.

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