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Composition Of The Plasma
Mar 30, 2018

Plasma (PLASMA) is a material form consisting mainly of free electrons and charged ions, which is widely found in the universe and is often regarded as the fourth state of matter, known as the plasma state, or "hyper-gaseous", also known as "electro-plasma". The plasma has a high conductivity, and has a strong coupling effect with the electromagnetic field. The plasma was discovered by Crookes in 1879, and in 1928 American scientists Owen Langmuir and Tonks (Tonks) first introduced the term "plasma" (plasma) to physics to describe the material form in a gas discharge tube [. Strictly speaking, the plasma is a high dynamic energy of the gas regiment, plasma total charge is still neutral, by the electric field or the magnetic field of high kinetic energy to the outer layer of the electrons, the result is no longer bound to the nucleus, and become high energy free electrons.

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