Why doesn't the plasma cleaner discharge? Check the matcher quickly
Nov 09, 2018

The core components of the RF plasma cleaning machine are the RF power supply and the matcher. It may encounter the situation that the power supply starts normally and the cavity does not discharge. That is because the matcher is not working properly. Today, the PLAUX partner shares some small information about the matcher. Knowledge, for reference only:

 1, matcher fault description

1-1 air capacitor damage

The cause of the failure: the air capacitor generates frictional impurities during the operation, causing a partial short circuit; the friction causes the shaft of the rotor to be damaged and cannot be adjusted normally.

Air capacitance

air capacitor

1-2 imported transistor failure

Fault reason: related to air capacitor rotor shaft damage, air capacitor can not work normally, RF output impedance can not be adjusted, resulting in transistor breakdown; in the process of use, the initial value of the matcher is improperly
adjusted, the matching time is too long or the vacuum cavity is inside the body Unstable photodischarge can also cause transistor damage.

Imported transistor

Imported transistor

2, the daily use of the matcher

2-1 Regularly check the male and female pins of the vacuum chamber to prevent serious oxidation and breakage.

2-2 Confirm that the electrode plates are placed correctly and there is no order error. If you need to adjust the number and spacing of the plates during use, you must confirm the matching status of the matcher. If the matching time is long, you need to adjust the initial value.

2-3 Regularly confirm the initial value of the matcher. If the initial value is used for a long time, the initial value may be offset. It needs to be confirmed periodically and adjusted according to the actual situation.

2-4 If there is a serious deviation of the initial value, it is necessary to confirm whether the inside of the matcher and the air capacitor blade are misaligned and there is a sparking phenomenon. If such a situation occurs, it needs to be dealt with in time. The fixed vanes and moving parts of the air capacitor are basically coincident when adjusted to the maximum; if there is a sparking phenomenon, confirm whether the vane is burnt or not. If the burnt out, the burned position can be polished and used, and the distance between the vanes is too There will also be a fire phenomenon in the near future.

2-5 If the capacitor cannot be adjusted, turn on the matcher and manually adjust the adjustment capacitor to confirm whether the blade capacitor can rotate normally. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the transmission part of the motor and the air capacitor cannot be rotated. If the card is stuck, it needs to be repaired in time. If there is a slip between the gear and the shaft, it can be handled by itself.

 3. Other matters

The 3-1 matcher can work for a long time, and it is necessary to pay attention to observation and cleaning. Regularly check the matching internal air capacitance area, open the cover to check whether there is impurity deposition caused by air capacitance friction, if necessary, clean it with dust-free cloth + alcohol, because the impurities are usually not conductive with conductive materials, so as to avoid There is a fire and a partial short circuit in the control.

 3-2 When the matcher does not work properly, it is necessary to confirm the electrode plate placement, the male and female pins, and the connection inside the screen box (whether there is contact failure or the conductive sheet is in contact with the outer wall and the distance is too close), the matcher Whether the initial value, whether the internal is clean, whether the air capacitance is misaligned and sparked, whether the air capacitance can be rotated (whether there is slip), whether the transmission motor can work, whether the RF power supply has output, and whether each connection section is short-circuited. If there is a burnt smell in the matcher and the above problems cannot be solved, please contact the professional in time.

3-3 The internal use period of the matcher cannot be specifically confirmed. This is related to the use environment, handling of the product, and proper use. The main reason may be that the impurities in the matcher cause short circuit or fire.

 How can the above troubleshooting and maintenance methods for the RF power matcher help you? Do you have any objections or better knowledge points? Welcome to leave a message to share and share with us.

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