What should you watch out for when using a plasma cleaner?
Jun 27, 2018

Plasma cleaning machine, also called plasma surface treatment instrument, is a brand-new high-tech instrument. It utilizes the properties of active components to treat the surface of the sample to achieve the purpose of cleaning. In addition to having a clean function, it can also be activated and engraved. Etching, etc., is widely used in various fields, and today we will give you a detailed introduction of what to look for when using a plasma cleaner.

    1. Before starting the plasma cleaner, various preparations must be done. First of all, the technical personnel should be trained in the operation personnel so that they can master the operating procedures and use them strictly in accordance with the operational requirements.

    2. Before using the plasma cleaning machine formally, it is necessary to correctly set the parameters when it is running, and to perform the operation carefully according to the instruction manual of the instrument. It cannot be used arbitrarily.

    3, to protect the plasma ignition device, so as to ensure the normal opening of the plasma cleaner, or else it will lead to opening difficulties or abnormal opening.

    4. If the primary air duct is not ventilated, make sure that the plasma generator's running time is within the specified time, it can not be greater than the time required by the equipment specification, otherwise it will destroy the burner, resulting in a lot of Unnecessary loss.

    5, regular maintenance and maintenance. When maintaining and maintaining the plasma cleaning machine, the power of the device must be turned off first, and the corresponding operation can only be performed after the power is turned off. It must not be charged to prevent accidents.

    When using a plasma cleaner, be sure to pay attention to the above aspects. At present plasma cleaning agents have been used in plasma ashing, plasma plating, plasma surface modification and other occasions. Through its role, the surface of the material can be significantly improved. The ability to wet, which enables a wide variety of materials to be coated, is very popular.

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