What is the working principle of low-temperature plasma technology?
May 18, 2018

Low-temperature plasma technology is a comprehensive cross technology integrating biology, chemistry, physics and environmental science. It is a powerful air purification, sterilization and deodorization technology, featuring high efficiency, low energy consumption and environmental protection. The secondary pollution will not be formed and it will be used more and more widely. Now we will give you a detailed introduction of the principle of action of low-temperature plasma technology.


The air purification effect of low-temperature plasma technology is mainly reflected in two aspects:


1. The plasma contains a large number of positive and negative ions, high-energy electrons, and excited-state particles. They all have very strong anti-oxidation effects. They collide with some of the ozone molecules and collide with each other, thus causing electric fields. Under the action of the ozone molecule, the ozone molecules are excited. If the energy obtained by the ozone molecule is sufficient to destroy its own molecular bond, it will cause itself to be cracked, forming harmless gas molecules. This process itself will also generate a lot of activity. Gases, which are relatively beneficial gases, produce harmful gases in time and eventually cause them to split.


2. In the process of generating low-temperature plasma, there will be a moment of high-frequency discharge, and this moment will generate a large amount of energy, enough to destroy the harmful gas molecules. At the same time, the high-energy electrons of low-temperature plasma also make negatively charged gas molecules become gas negative ions that have many benefits to the human body.


As a new type of technology, low-temperature plasma technology plays a very important role in purifying air. It has made a great contribution to our environmental protection cause. In addition, it also has the functions of disinfection and sterilization, enabling bacteria to Destruction of the cell membrane causes the air to be very fresh and clean.

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