What is plasma cleaning technology?
Jun 05, 2018

Plasma cleaning is different from other traditional cleaning methods. Plasma cleaning mainly uses plasma's high-frequency motion principle to clean the impurities of the object. Since plasma is very active, its movement efficiency is very high. This allows plasma cleaning technology to be used in industrial processes. It has been widely used. Many of my friends are not very understanding, plasma cleaning technology, the following brief introduction.

    Plasma cleaning technology has a wide range of applications. No matter what kind of material is used for cleaning, it can be used for cleaning. For example, metal materials, conductors and semiconductor materials, and some polymer materials can be cleaned by plasma technology. Moreover, selective cleaning can be achieved, for example, parts of the product do not need to be cleaned, and plasma cleaning technology can eliminate these parts. For some of the key parts of the product, you can carry out repeated cleaning, and the cleaning effect is very good.

    Plasma cleaning technology can also improve the adhesion of the surface of the material being cleaned. After cleaning, it can increase the surface protective effect of the material, improve the adhesion of the surface of the product material, and increase the humidity of the material surface. In the cleaning process will produce a free radical material, the production of this material, can improve the surface of the product material adhesion and wettability, the ultimate purpose of cleaning can remove the surface of the oxidation of materials and impurities.

    Due to the uniqueness and advanced nature of plasma cleaning technology, it has been widely used in liquid crystal display cleaning and electronic product cleaning processes. Not only that, it is also used in the cleaning and maintenance of mixed circuits to ensure the cleanliness of electronic products, so that electronic components can increase resistance to external pollution, prolong the service life of electronic products, and increase the reliability of electronic products. And security. In addition to being widely used in the cleaning of electronic products, it is also a good degreasing cleaning effect for parts and components in mechanical equipment. It can be said that plasma cleaning technology cannot be separated from our production and life.

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