What are the tips for using plasma cleaners?
Jun 07, 2018

Plasma cleaner is an advanced high-tech equipment. It is a device that uses plasma for cleaning. When it is in use, it must be operated according to the requirements of the manual. The knowledge of some skills in use also needs to be understood. Everyone is specifically introduced.

    1, in the vacuum operation, we must make the three-way valve to point to the closed state, that is, let the arrow down, and then turn on the power, the vacuum pump to open, see the vacuum pump rotation direction is clockwise or counterclockwise, if it is clockwise If it is normal, after the test is completed, turn off the power again.

    2. Before starting the vacuum pump, be sure to connect the plasma cleaner to the vacuum pump. Allow the vacuum pump to turn for five minutes. At this time, the plasma cleaner is in the off state. After five minutes, the plasma cabin will glow.

    3. When pumping air, the three-way valve should be opened to allow it to communicate with the air in the room. Then the needle valve should be opened. Be careful to open it gently and let the air slowly enter the cabin of the plasma cleaner. Inside, to form the plasma, then turn it back on to the power of the front control panel.

    4. When processing the plasma, it is necessary to process the sample according to the required time. After the treatment is completed, the RF is turned off and the plasma cleaning mechanism is finally provided.

    When using the plasma cleaner, reference can be made to the above. Only correct operation will not cause failure. In addition, after the power is turned off, check the inside of the fuse box on the side of the power supply behind the plasma cleaner. The fuse is not normal, there is no trace of being blown, if it is damaged, it must be replaced with a new matching fuse.

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