What are the specific applications of plasma cleaners?
Jun 27, 2018

As people's lives continue to evolve and progress with the times, people's living standards and production efficiency also advance with the times, and through technological innovation and transformation, they provide a considerable boost to our social construction and development of the times. In the production research, the cleaning of materials or carriers is indispensable to provide better quality of production research. Plasma cleaners are a very common product and have received approval from mass customers. What are the specific applications of plasma cleaners? It will be followed by OPS Plasma.

    The plasma cleaning machine is a brand-new high-tech technology. Through the application of the plasma, the object is cleaned at the ion level, and the quality effect that cannot be achieved by conventional cleaning methods can be achieved. The specific applications of plasma cleaners are as follows:

    1. Oxygen is used as the plasma, which has high oxidizing property. After the reaction is performed by oxidizing the photoresist, the gas is generated, thereby achieving the cleaning effect on the object.

    2. The use of corrosive gas as the plasma has good anisotropy and can meet the customer's need for etching to achieve the production purpose.

    3. Regardless of the substrate type of the object to be processed, a comprehensive cleaning process can be realized. For semiconductors, metals, oxides, and most of the polymer materials can be a good cleaning process.

    4. Have a complex structure of cleaning on the whole, part or inside. For example, sponges, cotton, etc., the cleaning of such items is too difficult, it is difficult to go deep inside or to perform partial cleaning, and the use of plasma cleaners can be easily achieved.

    Plasma cleaning machines play an immense role in all walks of life through its wide range of applications. We can see plasma cleaners in production and life, or in research. If you also have a need for plasma cleaners, please go to our official website for detailed consultation and understanding.

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