What are the precautions for plasma cleaner operation?
Jun 05, 2018

Plasma cleaning machine is a kind of equipment that uses the plasma state to clean the surface of the object. The plasma it needs is produced by special gas molecules under special circumstances. It has a wide range of applications in the electronics and industrial industries. Today we will give you a detailed introduction of the precautions for plasma cleaners.

    1. The operation of the plasma cleaner is performed under a vacuum state. Usually, the pressure is maintained at about 100 Pa. Therefore, a vacuum pump is required for vacuum operation.

    2. In the process of cleaning, it is necessary to put the components to be cleaned into the vacuum chamber and fix it, then turn on the vacuum pump to start the vacuum operation, and then introduce the gas used in the plasma cleaner into the chamber. The materials used for cleaning are not the same, and the gases required are also different. For example, some need nitrogen, some need hydrogen, and others need oxygen, and the pressure is kept within a certain range.

    3. After a series of operations to generate the plasma and allow them to completely cover the parts being cleaned, now the plasma cleaning agent is working. The cleaning process will last from a few tens of seconds to several minutes. .

    4. The process of plasma cleaning is based on the spatial motion of the electromagnetic field to achieve the effect of cleaning the surfaces of completely clean objects. After the cleaning is completed, all the generated dirt and cleaning gases must be discharged and fed into the vacuum chamber at the same time. The air is restored in normal conditions.

    5, in the operation process, we must promptly check the degree of vacuum in the vacuum chamber, if the color is found to be white, indicating that the degree of vacuum is too high; if the color is relatively heavy, indicating that the degree of vacuum is low, it is necessary to deal with in a timely manner.

    When the plasma cleaner is in operation, it must be performed according to the required procedures. When the vacuum degree of the vacuum chamber is processed, it must be treated according to the required effect to ensure that it achieves a certain degree of vacuum. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, it must be Handle it in a timely manner or notify the relevant staff immediately.

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