What are the main forms of plasma surface treatment?
May 07, 2018

For the plasma surface treatment technology, many friends are very strange, because this technology is not often seen in daily life, so it will not know too much about it. In fact, the field of application of plasma surface treatment technology is very broad. The following is a detailed description of the main form of plasma surface treatment by Xiaobian.


First, under the powerful action of the plasma, some chemical bonds on the surface of the plasma surface treated material will break, and later will form small molecules or

It is directly oxidized to carbon monoxide, etc., and then it is pumped away, which makes the surface of the material become uneven and more rough.


Second, after the plasma surface treatment process, some difficult-to-stick plastic surfaces will generate some new active groups, but these reactive groups have certain

The timeliness, after a period of time, the surface active groups will disappear.


Third, when plasma surface treatment technology is used to modify the surface of the material, active particles in the plasma will produce strong surface molecules.

Used to cross-link or graft the surface molecules.


Fourth, when plasma reactive gases are used, some deposits are usually produced on the surface of related materials. Do not underestimate these deposits.

It is very helpful in improving the bonding ability of the material surface.


The above are the four main forms of plasma surface treatment. Some of these four forms can occur in a single occurrence, and sometimes they can occur simultaneously. The application of plasma surface-treated materials has become more and more widespread, and these materials are used in the electronics industry, the printing industry, and the biomedical industry.

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