What are the main forms of low temperature plasma surface treatment?
Jul 23, 2018

The so-called low-temperature plasma surface treatment is simply to apply a sufficient energy to the gas to ionize it into a plasma state, and to treat the surface of the sample with the properties of the active component, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning, modification, and the like. Especially in recent years, with the development of technology, more and more fields have been utilized in the use of plasma surface treatment technology. So what are the main forms of low temperature plasma surface treatment? The following is a detailed introduction by Xiaobian.

First, the surface is etched. This is one of the most common forms of plasma surface treatment technology. Under the action of plasma, when the surface treatment is performed, the chemical bonds on the surface of the material will be broken, and some small molecular products will be formed. These products are in the process of pumping. It is pumped away, which causes the surface of the material to become uneven, resulting in an increase in roughness.

Second, the surface is activated. Also under the action of plasma, the hard-to-stick plastic surface will have a reactive chamber and unsaturated bonds, which will react with the active particles to produce new reactive groups. These reactive groups are exposed to oxygen. The effect is that the active groups on the surface disappear, so this activity is time-sensitive.

Third, the surface is grafted. When performing plasma surface treatment, due to the action of the active particles on the surface molecules, the molecular chains are broken to generate more active groups, followed by surface crosslinking and grafting reactions.

It can be seen that the form of surface treatment of low temperature plasma is still relatively large, and everyone can select the appropriate treatment form according to the specific conditions of the sample. If you have used a plasma surface treatment device, you will know that because of its advantages, it has become more and more widely used. This cleaning technology is becoming more and more popular.

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