What are the characteristics of plasma surface treatment process?
May 18, 2018

The plasma surface treatment production process plays a very important role in industrial production and chemical industry. Through high-energy electrons, the reactant molecular material is excited, so that the material molecules are ionized and even dissociated, and through the low-temperature heavy particles, the entire The reaction system can guarantee relatively low temperature. Here's a brief introduction: What are the characteristics of the plasma surface treatment process?


First of all, the plasma surface treatment enables the normal processing to be performed at a relatively low temperature, so that the surface of the polymer material can be prevented from being damaged, the corrosion can be avoided, and the temperature can be controlled. These characteristics break the limitations of other production processes. .


Secondly, the plasma surface treatment will use different gases as the medium. The plasma can participate in the chemical reaction on the surface of the material according to the production and processing needs, or it can not participate in the chemical reaction on the surface of the material. That is, in the industry, the so-called reactive plasma. Technology, as well as non-reactive plasma processing technology, can control the chemical structure and properties of the material surface during processing, and has a very high efficiency.


Once again, plasma surface treatment can be combined with a variety of gaseous media, has a very high reactivity, can provide a wealth of chemical reaction active substances, generally through the gas and the dose required by the plasma object, to ensure the normal surface of the strong chemical column The operation can make the material surface more rounded and smooth.


Finally, the plasma surface treatment will not affect the characteristics of the material itself, and it can realize the functionalization of the material surface. It will not change beyond a few nanometers depth and will only control the surface of the material, in addition to ensuring the stability of the material surface. Unexpectedly, it can also reduce the degree of degradation of the surface of the material and reduce the hydrophilic degradation reaction.

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