What are the characteristics of plasma cleaning machine?
May 14, 2018

Plasma cleaning machine is to use gas as cleaning medium, which can well avoid the secondary pollution of the liquid to be cleaned. As an important method for renovating material surfaces, plasma cleaners have been used extensively, for example in the electronics industry, automotive industry, household appliances, biopharmaceuticals, plastics industry and textile dyeing fluids. What are the characteristics of plasma cleaners?


First: suitable temperature

The general machine is used after the power is too long to use the body will be hot and hot for some products also have a certain thermal impact, but the plasma cleaner will not work when the temperature is not high, the temperature can be as low as 80 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius, more A low processing temperature can have a lower thermal effect on the sample surface.


Second: environmental protection without pollution

The plasma cleaner does not require other raw materials. He uses gas as a cleaning medium, so he will not produce any pollution during the process, and it is an environmentally friendly device. At the same time, he has advantages over ultrasound because the plasma cleaner can not only clean the surface but also improve the surface activity.


Third: good treatment effect

The effect of the product after the plasma cleaning machine is very stable. After the conventional sample is processed by the plasma cleaner, it will maintain a good and stable effect for a long time.


Fourth: easy to use

The plasma cleaning machine can be well matched with the existing assembly line, and it can realize full-motion online production, eliminating the need for many intermediate replacement processes, saving a lot of costs quickly and easily, and also improving production efficiency.


Fifth: reduce the damage

The gas used in the plasma cleaning machine can reduce the harm of the liquid cleaning to the human body, and at the same time avoid the damage of the liquid cleaning to the cleaning object.

Through the introduction of Xiaobian, I believe that the advantages and features of the plasma cleaner have been highlighted. The plasma cleaner will become the most widely used cleaning machine. Since all major companies at home and abroad have investigated the use of plasma cleaning machines, there are still many Users have high technical requirements for plasma cleaners, so good products still need professional technical support and maintenance.

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