What are the applications of plasma cleaners?
Jul 12, 2018

Plasma cleaners have many advantages, such as: high degree of intelligence, and the technology is very advanced, so it has high precision, especially in terms of time control, its working environment is special, and it will not be environmentally friendly. It causes pollution, so the application range is very wide. Today, we will give you a detailed introduction to the application range of the plasma cleaning machine.

    1. In the rubber and plastics industry. The application of plasma cleaning machines in this field is mainly used in the rubber industry. Because some rubber plastic parts will be difficult to bond when surface joints are made, some rubber plastic materials have no polarity. The reason for their printing and bonding without surface treatment is very poor or even impossible. However, after processing these materials with a plasma cleaner, on the one hand, the structural surface of these materials is maximized, and on the other hand, an active layer is formed, so that they are very effective in bonding printing. This is an effect that cannot be achieved by other methods.

    2. The automotive industry. With the development of the economy, consumers are increasingly demanding the performance of automobiles, such as the comfort of operation, the appearance and durability of automobiles, so that in order to meet the requirements of consumers, automobile manufacturers will use plasma cleaners. The control panel performs pre-bonding treatment, and some internal parts are processed before implantation, and the door and window seals of the automobile are also processed to achieve good use.

    Plasma cleaning machines are used in a wide range of applications. In addition to applications in the automotive and rubber industries, they are also widely used in metals, glass, and composite materials. Among them, the automotive industry can also be used in ignition coils and engine oil seals. In terms of tablets, to maximize their performance.

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