What are the application areas of plasma surface treatment technology?
May 18, 2018

Plasma surface treatment technology is an advanced technology based on years of research and combined with foreign technology. It is mainly used for surface cleaning and coating cleaning, and the surface of the product after the treatment In order to fully meet actual needs, the technology has been widely used in many fields at present. Now we will give you a detailed introduction of the application fields of plasma surface treatment technology.


1, rubber and plastics industry. In this industry, the plasma surface treatment technology is mainly used for pre-paint treatment, such as paint on the plastic mobile phone housing; single surface pretreatment of the film surface, and on the production line, mainly used in the processing of plastic bottles before labeling, with Very stable and persistent.


2, the automotive industry. It is mainly used for the pretreatment of sealing strips, coatings and flocking; as well as the pre-treatment of the base of the car headlights and the bonding of the trenches.


3, the metal industry. The plasma surface treatment technology can pretreat the aluminum profiles and obtain a relatively stable oxide layer.


4, in the photoelectric manufacturing industry. Contact cleaning of non-flexible and flexible printed circuit boards can be performed.


5, chemical fiber and textile industry. The fiber can be pretreated, and the flat surface can be cleaned before the mirror and glass surfaces are bonded.


6, can remove the lubricant of aluminum foil, stainless steel before laser welding.


Plasma surface treatment technology has many applications. In addition to the above points, it is also used in pre-treatment of silicone rubber wire and cable, and it is widely used in the printing industry, etc. It can quickly improve work efficiency and reduce business The production cost is very popular among users.

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