What are the advantages of using plasma cleaning?
Jul 09, 2018

Plasma cleaners are widely used in the rubber industry, plastics industry, automotive industry, electronics industry, medical industry, etc. The instrument adopts digital control technology and has high degree of automation. It has high-precision control device and precise time control. The correct cleaning method will not damage the machine and prolong the service life of the machine. For cleaning, it will not pollute the environment and cause secondary pollution. Then there are advantages to using plasma cleaning.

1. After the cleaning, the drying process will be carried out, and the next process can be carried out, which can effectively improve the processing efficiency.

2, the instrument cleaning to avoid direct contact, can be away from harmful solvents on the human body damage, but also can avoid some of the more fragile materials are washed out.

3, instrument cleaning can avoid the use of harmful pollution solvents, using green cleaning methods, can effectively protect the environment.

4. Plasma cleaning can penetrate deep into the interior, which is difficult to clean, and the cleaning effect is better.

5. The entire cleaning process can be completed in a few minutes, and the cleaning efficiency is greatly improved.

6. Although it is cleaned under vacuum, the pressure of the vacuum environment is relatively easy to achieve, and the cost of such equipment is relatively low.

7. It can clean all kinds of materials, and it is also suitable for cleaning of heat-resistant and solvent-resistant materials.

8. At the same time of cleaning, it can also improve the surface properties of the material itself, such as improving the adhesion of the film and improving the wettability of the surface.


These are some of the advantages of plasma cleaning, and you can see why this instrument cleaning is so popular. Compared with the traditional cleaning method, the cleaning time is shorter, the cleaning effect is better, the cost is lower, the cleaning object is more extensive, and so on, what reason is unpopular? Everyone should pay attention to the maintenance of the instrument when using it. Good machines should also be maintained.

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