What are the advantages of plasma cleaning technology?
Jun 08, 2018

The so-called plasma cleaning technology is the use of plasma to achieve the cleaning effect that can not be achieved by ordinary cleaning methods, and this cleaning method does not make the surface of the cleaning object hurt, but also because it is cleaned in a vacuum, so it will not be to the environment. Cause any pollution. Here's a small series with everyone in detail about the advantages of plasma cleaning technology.

First, we all know that using the plasma cleaning technology does not need to consume water resources and do not need to add any chemical solvents when cleaning objects. Therefore, it does not pollute the environment. This cleaning technology can be said to be very environmentally friendly.

Second, plasma cleaning technology has a very good wide adaptability. No matter what the material of the object to be cleaned is, whether it is a metal or a polymer material, it can be cleaned easily. In addition, there is no restriction on the shape of the object to be cleaned, whether it is large or small, simple or complex, it can also be cleaned, and its cleaning effect will not be affected because of the shape of the object being cleaned.

Third, when using plasma cleaning technology, the temperature is very low, it can be said to be closer to normal temperature. Compared to the corona or flame cleaning method, the use of plasma cleaning can make the surface tension of the object to be cleaned stronger, and the preservation time can be longer.

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