What are the advantages of plasma cleaners?
May 18, 2018

Plasma cleaning machine has a very high precision control device, and has strong control over time. In the process of use, it will not produce secondary pollution, the degree of intelligence is very high, it is very convenient to use, widely used in various industries, today To give you a detailed introduction of the advantages of the plasma cleaner.


1. After being cleaned by the plasma cleaner, the cleaned items are very dry and do not need to be dried. This saves the process and improves the work efficiency.


2. The entire cleaning process can be completed in just a few minutes, and the cleaning effect is also very good.


3. The use of plasma cleaners liberated the labor force and at the same time kept people away from harm. Previously used solvents were harmful to the human body. In the process of cleaning, they did not wash the objects. This is Before the traditional cleaning method can not be compared.


4. The use of plasma cleaners for cleaning does not require the storage, transportation, and discharge of cleaning fluids. It is very easy to ensure the cleanliness of the site.


5, do not need to use trichloroethane these harmful cleaning agents, and after cleaning is completed, it will not produce harmful pollutants, is a more environmentally friendly cleaning method, is a green cleaning machine, very environmentally friendly requirements .


6, the required vacuum is very easy to achieve, and the cost of the equipment is very low, the cleaning process does not require the use of more expensive organic solvents, it can be said that the plasma cleaner is a relatively high cost performance equipment.


7. The objects to be cleaned are very diverse and can come out in a variety of materials, such as oxides, semiconductors, or metals. Polymer materials can also be processed.


There are many advantages of plasma cleaners. In addition to the above advantages, it can also improve the surface properties of the material itself. For example, it can improve the adhesion of the film and increase the degree of surface wetting. When used, it also requires Pay attention to the correct operation so that it can work long-term.

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