Mar 30, 2018

Nuclear fusion is the main choice to solve the future energy. High temperature plasma research is aimed at nuclear fusion. The research of tokamak type fusion is one of the main methods of fusion research in the world, and it is also the main subject direction. We have built ht-6b, ht-6m, HT-7 and east and so on, and participated in the International Thermonuclear Test Reactor (ITER) program and research. We plan to build a steady-state combustion tokamak reactor and a Chinese magnetic confinement fusion demonstration reactor in China, and then realize the commercialization of pure fusion energy.

During the construction of tokamak and plasma physics experiments, we have developed a series of high and new technologies, such as diagnosis, power supply, microwave, low temperature, superconducting, vacuum, data acquisition and processing, material, safety and environmental protection, electro-physics and precision instrument processing, etc. The technology of high power supply, large cryogenic refrigeration, superconducting energy storage, HTS, and electro-physical equipment has been applied to the national economy, some of which have been industrialized.

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