The principle of plasma cleaning technology
May 07, 2018

Plasma cleaning is the most common form of plasma surface modification. The focus of this technology is to clean the surface of the material and increase the surface area of the material, which in turn increases the surface's adhesion and compatibility. It has been widely used. In many industries such as aerospace, microelectronics, mobile phones, automobiles and medical care, today we will give you a detailed introduction of the principles of plasma cleaning technology.

    1, the key can be activated, resulting in cross-linking. Usually the particles in the plasma all have a certain amount of energy. The energy is about 20 eV or less, and the energy is also present in the polymer. Most of their energy is below 10 eV. Therefore, when the plasma acts on the surface of the solid After that, the original chemical bonds on the solid surface can be destroyed, and when they break, these broken bond shapes combine with the free radicals in the plasma to form a net-like crosslinked structure, thus making the surface of the object The activity is activated and plays a corresponding role. This is also the most common principle of plasma cleaning technology.

    2. The physical effect of etching on the surface of the material. Because there are a large number of active particles in the plasma, such as free radicals, excited molecules, ions, etc., when they act on the surface of solid materials, not only will the original impurities and contaminants on their surfaces be removed. It will also produce a certain etching effect, making the surface of the material very rough, forming a lot of pits, which increases the surface area of the material and improves the wetting properties of the surface.

    The principle of plasma cleaning technology In addition to the above two cases, there is another, that is, it can form a new functional group. If some reactive gas is added to the discharge gas, a series of chemical reactions will take place on the surface of the material, thus creating new functional groups, which will greatly increase the surface activity of the material. These are the reasons for the role of plasma cleaning technology, the application of this technology will be more and more widely.

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