How to estimate the industrial gas consumption of a plasma cleaner?
Nov 30, 2018

In the use of plasma cleaners, people often ask a question, how long can a bottle of industrial gas last? Is there a good way to estimate the time of use of a bottle of gas? PLAUX's small partners will tell you the estimation method is as follows, for reference only:

plasma system


The first step is to calculate the volume of gas in the cylinder:

For example, if the gas pressure of a bottle of gas is 15.00 MPa and the volume of the gas cylinder is 40 L; then the volume of gas released into the normal pressure in the bottle is: 15*10*40=6000L (6M3)

The second step is to calculate the gas consumption of the plasma cleaning machine, taking 8 hours of work per day as an example.

If the air intake of the device is 50SCCM, the intake air volume per minute is 50ml. Then one hour is 3000ml (ie 3L).

The daily gas consumption is 3L*8=24L;

Conclusion: One bottle of gas is used for 250 days; about 8.3 months.

However, in actual use, there may be a leak of gas cylinders, pipes or joints, so the theoretical estimated use time is not equal to the actual use time, and there will be certain errors.

Do you have any objections or better methods for estimating the industrial gas consumption of plasma equipment? Welcome to leave a message to share and share with us.

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