Can the plasma cleaner not pump down? It's all a mess!
Nov 15, 2018

In the process of using the vacuum plasma cleaner, you may encounter such a phenomenon: the equipment is running normally, and the time for vacuuming the new product becomes longer. Why? PLAUX's friends have discovered the mystery, and now share it with everyone, for reference only:

Firstly, it can be confirmed that the vacuum chamber of the plasma cleaner can be pumped to the bottom vacuum within 50S, for example, 30Pa, and the equipment does not have an alarm when processing other products, indicating that the evacuation capacity of the vacuum pump is no problem, and the whole vacuum There is no air leak in the system. According to the running status of the device, the device runs normally and stably.

 Material outgassing refers to the leakage rate of materials. Each material is different. It is mainly defined according to the density of the material. The higher the density, the smaller the gas permeation rate, and the lower the density, the higher the gas permeation rate. The higher the density. The smaller the gap between the molecules of a high object, the smaller the density of the object, the larger the gap between the molecules, the gap between the molecules is gas-containing, in the vacuum state, due to the existence of the pressure difference, the molecular gap in the material The gas will slowly release outward until it is released to the pressure balance. This process is slow, so the vacuum will slowly drop after a certain period of vacuuming. This is the reason. The speed of the vacuum is also related to the amount of material placed. The more the material, the slower it falls. If there are volatile objects in the vacuum chamber, the vacuum will be slow. E.g

Breathing material - sponge              Non-permeable material - copper lead frame

Breathing material - sponge                    Non-permeable material - copper lead frame

Moreover, the plasma equipment is limited by the structure of the whole machine, and generally cannot be modified. The analysis of the idea can be solved by increasing the displacement by pumping, but if the product is placed less after the displacement is increased, the vacuum will become very Low, the load of the power supply will increase, and it is unstable, and it is easy to burn out the power supply and the matcher, which will cause unnecessary loss. The common method is to ensure the normal operation of the equipment by extending the vacuuming time (changing the system parameters) and placing less of this product; other similar products can only be used if they are cleaned with this equipment.

 Therefore, before purchasing plasma cleaning equipment, the experiment should be based on the sample, and the material seepage should be considered to affect the vacuuming of the equipment. Otherwise, it is difficult to meet the demand of the product to be processed. When the equipment ordered cannot be upgraded, it can only be solved by reducing the amount of product and increasing the pumping time.

 Is the above explanation for the effect of material seepage affecting vacuuming helpful? Do you still have the experience and experience? Welcome to leave a message to share and share with us.

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