Atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning machine What are the advantages?
May 18, 2018

Atmospheric pressure plasma cleaners offer a variety of methods for cleaning surfaces. For some soiled parts, PTFE-based plastic parts can be cleaned efficiently. These are just some of their uses. The following details on the advantages of the atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning machine.


First, the atmospheric atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning machine is used for cleaning, and the cleaned items are dry, which can greatly improve the processing efficiency of the entire process line to a certain extent. Of course, some solvents can also be cleaned, but many solvents are harmful to human health. And wet cleaning is very easy to wash the object of washing, after all, harmful solvents have more or less a certain degree of corrosion.


Second, the efficiency of the atmospheric atmospheric plasma cleaning machine is very high. It can be completed in a few minutes and the cleaning is very clean. The degree of vacuum controlled during plasma cleaning is approximately 100 Pa. This condition is very easy to achieve. It is important that the cleaning process does not require expensive organic solvents and is very cost-effective.


Third, the use of cleaning fluid for cleaning, you need to consider the transport of cleaning fluid, reasonable storage, as well as cleaning fluid discharge problems, cleaning up is also very troublesome. However, atmospheric atmospheric pressure plasma cleaners will not have so much trouble, and they will be able to maintain cleanliness.


Fourth, both metal and polymer materials can be cleaned using atmospheric atmospheric plasma cleaners. And when it comes to cleaning, whether it's an entire or partial, or even a more complex structure, it can be cleaned. Such a washing machine has been welcomed by many people.


Atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning machine can finish cleaning and decontamination, and can also improve the surface performance of the cleaning object itself. For example, it can improve the wetting performance of the surface of the cleaning object, etc. It can be said that the advantages are very much, and because of this, it is obtained. More users' approval and favor.

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