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  • Filter With Paper Frame

    Product Name: Folding paper frame filter Feature of filter with paper frame: Large dust holding capacity and large filtration area This filter can be used as a front filter for the air-condition filtration system for extending the working life of the middle and high...
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  • Plate Closed Filter

    Product Name:Folding plate filter Feature of Plate Closed Filter: · The material is coarse filter cotton. · Large dust holding, small resistance; · Metal frame, easily replace; · The moisture-proof may reach 100%; · Temp. resistance :80℃. Application of Plate Closed Filter:...
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  • Folding Plate Filter

    escription of Folding plate filter: Feature of Folding plate filter: High dust holding capacity and large filter area; The filter material is the initial effect filter cotton, which has high air permeability and low resistance; The frame is gold and I am outside the frame,...
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  • Cleanable Plate Filter

    Product name: Cleanable plate filter Feature of Cleanable plate filter: · High quality polyester synthetic fibre ; · Metal frame, easily replace; · The moisture-proof may reach 100%; · Temp. resistance :80℃. Application of Cleanable plate filter: This filter can be used as a...
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  • Horizontal Plate Filter

    Product Name:Plate type primary effect filter Speciality of horizontal plate filter: The filter material is the coarse efficiency filter media; Good ventilation property, small resistance. Metal frame. Conform to European and American classification for nonflammability (e.g...
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  • Plate High Temperature Filter

    Product Name: Flat plate high temperature filter Feature of plate high temperature filter: · The filter has good chemical resistance, strong heat resistance and low hygroscopicity; · Filter tar, soot, dust and other particles generated in the high-temperature drying room to...
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  • Fiberglass High-Temperature Filter

    Product Name:Fiberglass high temperature filter Speciality of Fiberglass High-Temperature Filter: ·It is made from the long fibreglass by non-woven folding way. The outside is fixed by aluminum expended mesh in order that the outlook does not easily change; ·Anti-chemical,...
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  • Plate and Frame Filter

    Product Name:Metal plate filter Features of plate and frame filter: The filter medium is made of wavy aluminum mesh or stainless steel expanded mesh. Low resistance, repeated cleaning, high economical Uses of plate and frame filter: Acid and alkali resistant, high temperature...
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  • Nylon Filter Mesh

    Product Name:Nylon filter Features of nylon filter mesh: The filter material is PP fiber; Low resistance, good acid and alkali resistance, good corrosion resistance; It can be repeatedly cleaned without affecting the filtration efficiency and has high economical efficiency;...
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  • Synthetic Fiber Bag Filter

    Speciality of synthetic fiber bag filter: It is processed by high-powered thermal-melt nonwovens of the anti-fractured synthetic fiber, The increasing structure structure, high filter efficiency; large dust holding ; This filter pocket is made by seam craft or solderless...
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  • Hot Melt Filter Bag

    Speciality of hot melt filter bag: Using seamless welding technology, keep structure stability and reduce the risk of leaky make sure the reliabity of use The media are progressively structured, long service life There are rhombic and small pockets inside, which not only...
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  • Medium Efficiency Bag Filter

    Speciality of Medium Efficiency Bag Filter: It is woven specially with the superfine fibre, in order to avoid the harmfulness to the people’s health because of the old style fibreglass; Filter material content static electricity fibre. It filtrate the submicron bug dust...
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