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ADDRESS: 3# Plant, No. 3232, BeiMen Road, High-tech Development Zone, Kunshan

FAX: +86-512-57711103

TEL: +86-512-57711102

WEBSITE: www.plasmapls.com

E-MAIL: sales@plasmause.com

Dear visitors:

When you enter the “Contact Us” page, you have become our valued customer and welcome you to Kunshan, the birthplace of Kunqu Opera, the world's intangible cultural heritage site. You can contact us by the following ways. Foreign customers come to Kunshan, please make an appointment: +86-0512-57711102, We will provide shuttle service.

contact us:

Working Hours: 8:30 am - 17:30 pm

Contact Hotline: +86-0512-57711102

Non-working hours: +86-13382151102


Company Address: No. 3232 Beimen Road, High-tech Zone, Kunshan, Suzhou, China

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