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Metal film

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Battery aluminum foil:At present, the current collector aluminum foil used in lithium iron phosphate cathode is mostly double-sided light-calendered aluminum foil. The surface of the aluminum foil is smooth. For some active materials with small average particle size and large specific surface area, such as lithium iron phosphate, the adhesion is poor, so that the active material is easy. From the aluminum foil surface of the substrate or the internal resistance of the battery increases, resulting in a micro-short circuit of the battery and hidden dangers in the safety performance of the battery. The aluminum foil was deeply cleaned by low-temperature plasma technology to activate its surface and enhance the hydrophilicity of the interface. The Al2O3 passivation film on the surface of the aluminum foil was stripped to increase its conductivity and reduce the interface resistance between the active material and the current collector. In addition, the roughness of the surface of the plasma treated aluminum foil collector is increased, the defect structure is increased, the adhesion between the active material and the current collector is enhanced, and the rate performance and cycle life of the energy storage device are effectively improved.

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