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6-1 Solar battery backplane
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Solar battery backplane

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Solar battery backplane:Solar battery backplanes are generally composed of a variety of materials, using the advantages of different material properties to complement each other to meet the various performance requirements of the backplane. In order to improve the adhesion properties of these materials, low-temperature plasma treatment processes are generally used to remove small molecules, dehydrogenation, fragmentation and cross-linking of the segments, fusion of radical reactive groups, and change of chemical composition and morphology of the surface of the material. Modification, but at the same time it will not change the nature of the material properties. For example, the plasma-treated PET surface is etched and activated. A variety of reactive groups such as hydroxyl and amino groups are introduced on the surface of the material. These reactive groups can form strong chemical bonds with the reactive groups in the fluorine-containing coating. Used, directly involved in the adhesive curing process between the fluorocarbon coating and the PET layer.

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