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3-1 Rigid-Flex Board
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Rigid-Flex Board:Rigid-Flex Board is composed of several materials with different thermal expansion coefficients laminated together. The wall connection between the hole wall and the layer is prone to cracking and tearing. The plasma technology is used to clean and roughen the material. The activation treatment can improve the metallization reliability of the soft and hard bond plate and the bonding force between the circuit laminations.

6 Layer Rigid-Flex Board process flow chart

Cutting → Inner line → Plasma activation → Lamination→ Mechanical drilling → Plasma desmear → PTH → plating → Thermoset ink plug hole → Secondary press → Laser drilling → Plasma removal carbide → PTH → plating………

Plasma treatment before PTH 


Before plasmaAfter plasmaPTH metallographic section


Chemical treatment still has adhesive residue
Plasma removal smear is very clean

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