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2-5 Cosmetics Packaging Containers
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Materials for high-end cosmetics containers include plastics, glass, and metals. Surface treatments are required to increase adhesion before printing, transfer, and bronzing on characters and designs. The traditional method of pretreatment is to use flame method to increase the surface energy. However, because the flame temperature sprayed on the material surface is very high, the processing time must be as short as possible to ensure that the material does not deform and discolor. Although this method is quick and easy, it is easy to change the color of the material, and there are safety risks during the operation. Atmospheric pressure low temperature plasma technology can not only solve the problem of surface treatment, but also be safe and reliable. The improvement of the binding force of ink and bronzing is obviously improved.

PP, Dyne pen test
PP, Water drop contact angle test


No treatment:<36 dyne  After treatment:>60 dyne
Before plasma:86.5°After plasma:33.5°

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