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Mobile phone parts

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Phone case:The plasma surface treatment technology can not only clean organic materials on the surface of mobile phone casings made of plastics, metals, glass, and ceramics, but also maximize the activation of the surface of these materials and enhance the bonding effect of printing, coating, etc. The layer is very firmly connected with the substrate, the coating effect is very uniform, the appearance is brighter, and the wear resistance is greatly enhanced. The grinding phenomenon will not appear for a long time.

Mobile phone antenna:The bonding of the mobile phone antenna is achieved between two or more different materials, usually by coating the surface of the substrate with a glue and then adhering the FPC. When the surface of the substrate is dirty or the surface energy is relatively low, the reliability of adhesion cannot be guaranteed, and delamination or cracking may occur. The plasma process cleans and activates the substrate surface, improving adhesion and reliability.

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