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1-4 Acoustic devices
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Acoustic devices

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Headphone:The thickness of the diaphragm in the earphone is very thin and it is not easy to bond. The traditional method is to use chemical treatment to improve the bonding effect, but it will change the material characteristics of the diaphragm and thus affect the sound effect. The plasma only acts on the nano-scale surface of the material and does not change the material properties of the diaphragm. It removes organic substances by cleaning and activates the formation of hydrophilic groups, effectively improving the bonding effect. In addition, the earphone produced by plasma technology has significantly improved the bonding effect between various parts, and it will not break under long-term treble test, and the service life will also be greatly improved.

Microphone:The working principle of the microphone can be divided into dynamic coil type, electromagnetic type, piezoelectric type and capacitive type. Different product processes will be different, but with the requirements for the quality of bonding, bonding, sealing glue and other processes High, plasma surface treatment technology has become increasingly evident in improving product quality and reducing scrap rate.

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