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HDI PCB:The plasma can remove the carbides after the laser drilling, etch and activate the wall of via holes, improve the yield and stability of the PTH process, and solve the delamination of the copper layer and the copper material at the bottom of the hole.

FPC:The via wall of the multi-layer flexible board desmear, the surface cleaning and activation of reinforcing materials such as steel sheets, aluminum sheets, and FR-4, and the decomposition of the carbide formed by the laser cutting of the gold finger are realized by the plasma surface treatment technology.

Rigid-Flex Board:Rigid-Flex Board is composed of several materials with different thermal expansion coefficients laminated together. The wall connection between the hole wall and the layer is prone to cracking and tearing. The plasma technology is used to clean and roughen the material. The activation treatment can improve the metallization reliability of the soft and hard bond plate and the bonding force between the circuit laminations.

BGA mounting:Plasma pretreatment the pad of substrate before BGA placement ,the pad is cleaned, roughened, and activated, greatly improving the primary success and reliability of the BGA placement.

Teflon PCB:Similar to Teflon materials such as high-frequency microwave plate, because the surface energy of its material is very low, through the plasma technology can be its hole wall and material surface activation, improve the binding of the hole wall and the copper plating layer, to prevent the emergence of Black hole after sinking copper, eliminating hole copper and inner layer copper high-temperature rupture burst holes and other issue; improve the adhesion of solder mask ink and screen printing characters, effectively prevent the solder mask ink and printed characters from falling off.

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